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Meet Our Team

Marty Cook

Marty Cook,
President METOS® North America

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Marty is a dynamic leader with a career focused on agricultural technology, autonomous vehicles, variable rate technologies, and IoT devices. He excels in driving growth through key accounts and OEMs, building strong relationships, and leading large teams in transportation, agriculture machinery, and technology industries.

Marty is a specialist in establishing and transforming underdeveloped territories into thriving markets, while maintaining long-term relationships with corporate decision-makers. His expertise spans sales, management, CRM implementation (, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho), and a track record of self-motivation, creativity, and goal achievement. As the President of METOS North America, Marty is revolutionizing the industry and delivering cutting-edge solutions for agricultural advancements.

Gerry McFaddin

Gerry McFaddin,
CPA, CGA, CCP (Emeritus), Chief Financial Officer METOS® North America

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Gerry brings over 30 years of senior financial and leadership experience to his role as the Chief Financial Officer of METOS® North America. With a diverse background encompassing organizations such as Glacier FarmMedia, The Canadian Wheat Board (CWB), and Canada Packers, Gerry has excelled in financial management, logistics, process re-engineering, and international franchise operations.

As an accomplished instructor, and instrumental contributor to the WeatherFarm weather station program, Gerry’s expertise is vast. In his current position, he oversees logistics, inventory, quality control, pricing, contracts, systems, and reporting, ensuring efficient operations and robust financial management for METOS® North America’s continued growth and success.

Guy Ash_profile photo

Guy Ash,
Vice President METOS® North America,
Training and Key Accounts Manager

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Guy is a highly experienced agro-meteorologist and earth observations science specialist with a remarkable career spanning 29 years. Beginning as a scientist, researcher, and lecturer at the University of Manitoba, Guy’s expertise in climatology-meteorology and geo-science disciplines led him to develop weather networks with the Province of Manitoba and Canadian Wheat Board. He also served as Chief Meteorologist responsible for weather risk management in the CFL and NHL in Canada.

Currently, as Global Training and Key Accounts Manager for Pessl Instruments and METOS® Canada, Guy provides technical support and training for a wide range of IoT solutions, playing a vital role in driving the success of METOS® North America through his exceptional industry knowledge and dedication to client empowerment.

Kaitlyn Kitzan

Kaitlyn Kitzan,
Regional Sales Manager and Marketing & Communications Manager

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Kaitlyn is a dynamic professional serving as the Regional Accounts Manager for the Eastern Region and Marketing & Communications Manager for METOS® Canada. She excels in building strong relationships with key accounts while showcasing her creativity and strategic vision in marketing campaigns.

Kaitlyn’s exceptional interpersonal skills, business development experience, and ability to effectively communicate complex ideas make her a valuable asset to the organization, driving success in regional accounts and impactful marketing initiatives.

Tilly Schmohl,
Regional Sales Manager

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Meet Tilly Schmohl, a Regional Sales Manager at Metos North America. Tilly’s journey in agriculture began with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from The University of Sydney, sparking her passion for the field. After relocating from Australia to Canada, she made history as the first employee of the Olds College Smart Farm, serving as a Research Technician.

Tilly played a pivotal role in integrating precision agriculture technologies and IoT at the Smart Farm, contributing significantly to the inception of the Pan-Canadian Smart Farm Network. Her expertise includes working with Metos stations and providing technical support within the network.

With four years of hands-on experience at Olds College, Tilly developed a profound understanding of sensor technologies worldwide. This experience naturally led her to Metos North America. As a firm believer in the transformative power of technology in modern agronomy, Tilly is enthusiastic about showcasing and sharing her passion with the agricultural community.

Sumanth Kuntavalli Venkatesh,
M.Sc., E.I.T, Director of Operations & Partner Support

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Sumanth has a background in custom design and manufacturing, and has experience in field testing, new product development, and process improvements including root cause analysis. Holding a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering focused on agriculture equipment development, he is driven by his passion for continuous improvements and exploring and implementing technology to deliver better solutions.

In his role, Sumanth oversees and contributes to internal and external processes, monitoring systems, technician teams, logistics and warehouse operations, working closely with the METOS® Canada team to integrate cutting-edge technology into farming practices. His aim is to empower partners with precise decision-making tools and enhance productivity while contributing to technology advancement and the ever-growing need for agricultural produce.

Olena Tabunshchyk

Olena Tabunshchyk,
Service & Operations Manager

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Olena’s strong commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and driving operational efficiency has consistently resulted in high client satisfaction and improved business performance. Her ability to execute and adapt to evolving market demands has earned her a reputation for being a results-oriented professional.

With a detail-oriented approach and excellent problem-solving skills, Olena is skilled at identifying areas for improvement and implementing effective solutions. Her dedication to continuous learning and professional growth further enhances her ability to drive success.